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The Art of Building photography competition is an international showcase for the very best digital photography of the built environment.

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Title: My own little cosmos within reach
Author: Pati John
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Category: Architecture
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Description: “The unexpected beauty of the elusive nature manifesting the most beautiful milky way I have seen - surrounded by amazing architectural symmetry. I discovered this astonishing view looking up while I walked around the was breath-taking...and so I stayed there for a long time with my tripod and ND filter to capture every detail in my long exposure shot.”

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About the competition

Since 2010, The Art of Building has been celebrating the creativity of construction and the built world. If you are an amateur or professional photographer with a passion for the built environment, then why not take part in this year’s competition?

17 October

Open for Entries

The competition begins in October when we start accepting submissions

27 November

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After the competition closes for new entries, our judges will choose the photos that go through to the next round

15 December

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26 January

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Public voting closes on 15 January and we will announce the winners on 26 January 2022

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