2011 Winners & Finalists

The Last Tower

Zoltán Balogh

Winner, 2011

The old boat loader building next to the bank of the river Danube looks like a remnant of a forgotten civilization.

Level Seventeen

Nieva German
People in an empty 17th floor, as if they were part of a photo montage. A non-space, a white empty room, a standard universal office floor.

A Moment of Intensity

Adam Goldsmith
The Wailing Wall in the old city is a building that is interacted with more than any other. I was able to capture this shot of raw emotion between a man and the wall.

Staircase 2

Christian Morris
Designed by Denys Lasdun, I would expect that every corner of this building alludes to some form of artistic composition. I found that this shot best captured the essence of the building.

Ghosts of the Future

Paul Greenwood
This shows the beauty of Barcelona's past but in the context of it future hence the sheets over the building.

Sofia 25

Antoni Georgiev

This tower block is one of many. It is not particularly different from any other. It has 24 floors, 2 entrances and 5 apartments on each floor, with an average of 3 people in an apartment, that adds up to roughly 600 people.


Ghosts of the Underground

Christopher Drummond
People, over time, leave traces in the buildings they inhabit. The image shows a patina of collected fleeting moments from life’s daily routine. In reflecting on traces like these, design becomes an iterative process. This is fundamental to the art of building.

Cabled City

Eric Chan
To many people, this may be seen as a facade only for a building to give the aesthetic quality and protection of a building. My vision to this is rather distinctive as a futuristic Cabled City.

Golden Moment

Mirza Shoaib
When the sun lights up in the morning, it creates a golden moment to the children who to come to play here. That is how a structure becomes successful - it does not just create beauty for people - it creates golden memories.

Rooftop Walk

David Poultney
Checking his work, the long and lonely walk across the gigantic roof by the roofing contractor at the International Broadcast Centre on the Olympic Park, Stratford (The building is large enough to house five 747’s).

Work from Series Lost

Alnis Stakle
The work series LOST is both documentary & autobiographical psycho geography based investigation into complicated ties between human beings and their physical environment.

Old Gazebo

Alan Kempster
This simple Gazebo, well over 100 years old, still displays its original creativity, while the man and his dog carry on enjoying the building.

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