The 2014 Gallery

Winners, Finalists & Highly Commended Photographs

Winners & Finalists

Of the hundreds of photographs submitted to the competition, just 12 are shortlisted.

2014Judges' Choice Winner


Photographer: Patrick Mouzawak
The photo was taken: Milwaukee, USA
Camera used: Sony Nex 7
Photographer's Comments:
The multiple layers created by this architectural form with a human attending to it as if carefully repositioning the triangle shapes herself.

2014Public's Choice Winner

Library by Siza Vieira

Photographer: Pessoa Neto
The photo was taken: Portugal
Camera used: Canon EOS 500D
Photographer's Comments:
I really loved the light coming down the centre of the Library building. I saw two young kids and just waited for the moment.

Concrete Arteries

Photographer: Richard Pennington
The photo was taken: Amsterdam, Holland
Camera used: Canon 550d
Photographer's Comments:
A rare infrastructure perspective of Amsterdam's newest Metro Line. I liken the concrete Metro tunnels of the city to the arteries running throughout our bodies that keep it alive and functioning.

Giuseppe Perugini Bathroom

Photographer: Lisa Shalom
The photo was taken: Fregene, Italy
Camera used: Canon T1i
Photographer's Comments:
Giuseppe Perugini was a famous architect who built very modern home decades ago in the heart of Fregene, Italy. Since his death, the home is abandoned. Here is a woman gazing through a small window in the bathroom.

Getting lost on a roof

Photographer: Wahid Adnan
The photo was taken: Bangladesh
Camera used: Canon EOS 5D
Photographer's Comments:
A Muslim man is deep into his thoughts on a roof of a building surrounded by other buildings. Access to a roof in Dhaka is not always possible for people as the owners don't allow tenants to go up.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Photographer: Hoang Long Ly
The photo was taken: Abu Dhabi - UAE
Camera used: Nikon D700
Photographer's Comments:
This mosque is a religious icon not only for Abu Dhabi but also for the Islamic world of UAE.

My home, my playground and my cemetery

Photographer: Mario Bejagan Cardenas
The photo was taken: Manila, Philippines
Camera used: Canon EOS 1DX
Photographer's Comments:
Thousands of families have made a city’s graveyard their home as authorities grapple with rising population and housing shortage. Depressing community where hapless residents call this place a home among the dead.

Songs of light

Photographer: Yana Bulyizheva
The photo was taken: Milan, Italy
Camera used: iPhone 4s
Photographer's Comments:
The photo shows Duomo not from the main facade, it shows details, and this architectural element is like a powerful luminous song for me.


Photographer: Pierre Cuony
The photo was taken: London
Camera used: Canon 600d
Photographer's Comments:
This picture is a low angle shot of a beautiful building in London. Good place, right time.

Bird’s Nest Puzzle Close-Up

Photographer: Mario Bejagan Cardenas
The photo was taken: Beijing, China
Camera used: Canon EOS 1DX
Photographer's Comments:
Beijing National Stadium is an eye-catching state of the art structure. The stadium is a work of exceptional design and proves to be a mind-boggling complex artefact as you get up close.

Multiexpo Potsdam#5

Photographer: Frank Machalowski
The photo was taken: Potsdam, Germany
Camera used: Hasselblad 501 c/m
Photographer's Comments:
This multi-exposure picture reduces the building to its core without any irrelevant background. It emphasises the building.

Little House

Photographer: Pulock Biswas
The photo was taken: Bangladesh
Camera used: CANON 5D MARK II
Photographer's Comments:
It becomes a work of art.

Near to fire for bricks

Photographer: Rajaram
The photo was taken: Pondicherry, India
Camera used: Nikon D5000
Photographer's Comments:
The people are working near a hot fire to burn the bricks. To make a single brick is not as easy as we think.


Photographer: Lana Yankovskaya
The photo was taken: Germany
Camera used: LEICA D-LUX 5
Photographer's Comments:
Mysterious construction, as if it’s from the future, but at the same time from the past. Reminds about aliens or mad architect, about emptiness and uselessness, which in fact, no one needs what we do, and it all will turn to ash.

Water pipe on a roof

Photographer: Flores Giorgini
The photo was taken: São Paulo, Brazil
Camera used: Canon EOS 1100D
Photographer's Comments:
When I took this photo it was because I found it really strange that this pipe was on the roof; it is an interesting contrast with modern buildings.

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Highly Commended

Some other standout submissions that were amongst the judges’ favourites

Triangles of Light

Photographer: Mostafa Jaafari
The photo was taken: Shiraz, Iran
Camera used: Nikon D7100
Photographer's Comments:
Light and forms give you space , It is that you need in Architecture

Road Below Rail Above

Photographer: Gethin Thomas
The photo was taken: Worcester, UK
Camera used: Canon EOS 5D
Photographer's Comments:
An unintended sculpture of shape and light and shadow that has stood for over a hundred years.

Castle Drogo

Photographer: Andrew Butler
The photo was taken: Devon, UK
Camera used: Leica M9, Summicron 28mm
Photographer's Comments:
From the outside this looked like a Christo and Jeanne-Claude sculpture. From inside, the sculpture was a work of art

Urban Geometries

Photographer: Chiara Vallazza
The photo was taken: New York
Camera used: Canon Eos 6D
Photographer's Comments:
Contrast between massive buildings and close popular blocks


Photographer: Ilja C. Hendel
The photo was taken: Oslo, Norway
Camera used: Leica M
Photographer's Comments:
Showing the basic material and the interaction with humans and animals.

Smash from the grave

Photographer: Md Shahnewaz Khan
The photo was taken: Chittagong, Bangladesh
Camera used: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Photographer's Comments:
For build building’s, brick’s is the main significant element. So brick field is play an important role for make brick’s. A worker carrying high loud brick’s from brick field to city, where buildings will built. On my point of view that is an interaction between people and building’s, this is out of focus and I try to Spotlight on this point. They are such a civilization maker.

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