2013 Winners & Finalists

Desperate Measures

Kirsten Quist

Winner, 2013

The child labour occurring in this photo demonstrates how the art of building can be distorted and indeed used to exploit others.


Bart Brouwer
The world-famous Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge with a group of tourists climbing the bridge. Without knowing it, they are at the centre of a piece of art which is the combination of both these beautiful buildings.


Zoltán Balogh
Women cross the street in front of the one of the most famous pub ruins of Budapest. The VIIth district of Budapest is famous from these pubs which are located in old houses of the downtown of Budapest.

Steel Tree

Mukesh Dolia
This building has been made like a tree. It has used steel pipes to make great art.

Inside and out

Margarida Cardoso
This particular photo fits the category Between People & Buildings just right, in terms that human figure is both inside and out a cityscape - confronting it and being a part of it, at the same time.

Neues Museum 2

Juergen Schabel
Contemporary museum architecture itself becomes a work of art.

Room with a View

Ros Conti
Deep within Alcatraz through thick glass, I saw a tranquil view with interesting & natural visitor interaction but how differently this scene of the San Francisco skyline, building & site would have been viewed in the past.

Six Stairs

Vera Cymbron

These are stairs in a modern hotel back in the 80's and it has a beautiful construction capable of inspiring future architecture.


Northern Lights

Andy Howe
I think the Forth Bridge is an iconic structure and takes on a different perspective at night. I wanted to capture the wonderful structure in the context of what it does, in this case carrying the night train due North.


Tim Hunt
The pure simplicity of this wall of the new college immediately attracts the eye. A beautiful blue aperture to the sky beyond enhances the crisp white surface and lines that run flawlessly along the side of the building.


Vladimir Tochanenko
Heavy fog in Kiev, which happens very rarely, has created an amazing light from the Metro Bridge.

Lady in Waiting

Linda Wride
A building which is visited by people from all over the world needs signs which transcend the language barrier (as well as essential facilities and somewhere to wait while others are using those facilities!).

A Star Over the Old Coal Mine

Andrey Shapran
This old red star is the brightest spot in the whole coal mining town of Komsomolskaya of the Kuzbass region and a symbol of the past industrial rush of the Soviet time.

Rattan Roof

Chek Poh Wong
The unusual use of wooden rattan to line the roofing of the building fits the artistic theme of unique building.

Stepped up

Ari Yuliarso
It is just a common stair. What is interesting is the light emitted from each step and the legs of people stepping up it.

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