2017 Winners & Finalists

Eye of the Tower

Mehmet Yasa

Winner, 2017

The staircase and the bell looks like an eye. Architecture can fascinate us in many ways.

Bicycle Rider

Hans Wichmann
The photo shows the Cultural Centre of Aviles in Northern Spain. It is a successful integration of modern buildings in an old industrial site by architect Oscar Niemeyer. A place for large and small people.


Hanqing Qu
This picture was taken at Malaysia's National Mosque. When the sun light sprinkles into this building, light and shade meet each other into a dream-like scene. It reminds me of the movie Inception.

The Showstopper

Linda van Slobbe
This historic theatre is built in a typical oval shape that has the stage on one end and multiple floors and balconies all around the rest. This one has beautiful decorations.


Francis Meslet
This picture was taken in a well known french memorial for the centenary of the first world war. You can see the other side of this memorial looking up over your head. Another point of view.

Abandoned School Fresno

Robert Cassway
This photo shows the ravages of time and weather on a building that was left to decay by benign neglect, after the families that lived in Fresno moved away. It is part a larger series of photographs titled 'The Vanishing West'

Cemetery of the 21st Century

Petr Starov
The Image was shot in Russia, in summer 2010. The photo reveals the suspended construction of shopping centre.

The Majestic St Andrew's Cathedral Tower

Andrean Hadhianto Kwee

The Neo-Gothic Style Building that was once subsequently demolished, rebuilt and completed in 1861. This Cathedral now stands majestically in its surroundings in Singapore. Where it has still preserved its originality.


Cross Bridge Waltz

Guo ji Hua
This work uses unmanned aerial vehicles, because the intersection of this work has an abstract line of beauty.

Geometric Concept

Dmytro Levchuk
New architectural concept forms in modern residential building. A sky view through floors from lobby.

From the Carpet to the Throne

Hossein Younesi
A special look at architecture, by defining the move to God Conceptual. The conception of architecture for man and his purpose From the Carpet to the Throne.

Man-Made Cave

Gautam Kamat Bambolkar
Rugged textured cable pipes ran over my head at a train station in New York, creating a trance-like, frightful pattern. They ran from the edge of the entrance to an infinite end. It looked nothing less than a scary man-made cave.

Highly Commended

Armenian Cathedral

Andriy Radyk
This is the old beautiful architecture of my city.

House of Colour

Jason Freeman
Set into Arctic permafrost, these 'pointed' houses mirror the surrounding peaks and add a splash of colour to the muted landscape; a landscape that sees no sunlight for 5 months each year.

Rooftop Reflection

Tom Stahl
This photograph shows the dramatic light of an early morning sunrise on a rain-soaked rooftop. The simple corrugated rooftop in the right light becomes a window.

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