2018 Winners & Finalists


Christmas in Fish Skeleton

Yi Cherne Juang

Winner, 2018

This picture was taken at Westfield World Trade Center. This spectacular architectural design fascinated me.


Sunset Above the Skyscraper

Mikhail Proskalov
There's a man at the top of the tallest skyscraper in Europe. It is very romantic to see such a beautiful sunset from that place.

21 Inches

Jamshid Farajvand
A different and strange construction.


Roberto Conte
These stairs in an 18 Century palace in Naples show pure elegance. The dynamic and curved shapes of the construction and of the railings, create a unique and almost swan-shaped harmony of lines.

White Women

Hossein Farahani
The Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, performed by Muslims. Pilgrim women have changed their regular clothes to special white ones in Miqat Dhul Hulifa Bir Ali which is a historical mosque near Medina. changing the clothes and being ready for pilgrimage is part of this ritual. This is a big interaction between people and architecture.

Working Overtime

Beverly Jay
I felt I was watching a beautiful choreographed scene set against the setting sun. The workers movements and positions were almost as though they were performing a dance, notice too, they all used their safety lines, which adds to the strength of the image.

Urban Mountain

Hamed Younesi
Baku is a city with beautiful architecture, With different and modern elements that become a great architecture by the hand of Zaha Hadid. One of her great works is this building which is a cultural center.


Shahbaz Majeed
From a normal view, this is just another staircase but by getting on your back and looking right up, you can get a completely unique perspective that leaves the mind wondering what the photo is actually of.


David Meredith
I just like the fact its a self-supporting structure, a concrete tripod and that its possible to take in some very nice views while having a beer or coffee on the observation floor. The original tower was destroyed.

Casa Confetti

Hans Wichmann
Modern architecture can be very colourful. The colours of the passer-by are wonderfully repeated on the upper floors.

Roof Resident

Ana Tchankvetadze
This picture was taken in Nuremberg, The eyes make this roof different and give an individual living effect.

Hope Hole

rasol bayati
This photo belongs to an ancient art ceiling in the carpet market.

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