2015 Winners & Finalists


Ata Adnan

Winner, 2015

An example of the interaction between humans and architecture.

Valleaceron Chapel

David Cabrera
I can't explain with words the feeling when I was there. It's a very special project and difficult to get access as its private property. Simply beautiful to photograph but even better to have been there. Really grateful.

Metal Petals

Iris Posner
A small detail from the construction process of a building.

Round Is the Old Square

Sheila Unwin
The Rundetårn is a 17 Century building still standing today. It was originally built as an observatory and today is a tourist attraction and museum.

My Pod

Peter Murrell
This reminds me of telephone boxes. Each person making their use of it.

Metal Hand

David Bajrai
A metal rod is a main component for the process of building. In this picture the man is joining these rods together to make a metal coil.

Half Life

Nikola Filipov
Low angle long exposure shot in London

Mr. Fosters Angle

Robert Finch
I like the juxtaposition of two linear features. The bridge anchors are at a 45-degree angle to the background birch trees standing vertically at Tate Modern.

Beauty Is in the Details #2

Anne Yong

This photo was taken on site for a project I’m working on that is currently in construction. I find beauty in all aspects and components of Architecture, everything that goes into making a building as well as the finished product. Through photography I try to capture everything that encompasses Architecture in a creative, and innovative way which helps to shed light on the complexity that goes into making a building.

High Voltage

Rickie Cheung
Power lines provide electricity for our cities and often appear dull and uninteresting from a distance. However, the sheer scale and complexities of these structures are apparent when viewed up close or from below.

Under Pressure

Bernabe Della Mattia
Amazing example of how nature redefines architecture.


Derek Snee
A small ‘pillbox’ – hastily built when Nazi invasion threatened. Today, this stalwart sentinel depends upon the embrace of the dunes of Embleton Bay for protection from the ravages of North Sea storms

Highly Commended

Triangles of Light

Mostafa Jaafari
Light and forms give you space , It is that you need in Architecture

Road Below Rail Above

Gethin Thomas
An unintended sculpture of shape and light and shadow that has stood for over a hundred years.

Castle Drogo

Andrew Butler
From the outside this looked like a Christo and Jeanne-Claude sculpture. From inside, the sculpture was a work of art


Ilja C. Hendel
Showing the basic material and the interaction with humans and animals.

Smash from the Grave

Md Shahnewaz Khan
For build building’s, brick’s is the main significant element. So brick field is play an important role for make brick’s. A worker carrying high loud brick’s from brick field to city, where buildings will built. On my point of view that is an interaction between people and building’s, this is out of focus and I try to Spotlight on this point. They are such a civilization maker.

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