The 2015 Gallery

Winners, Finalists & Highly Commended Photographs

Winners & Finalists

Of the hundreds of photographs submitted to the competition, just 12 are shortlisted.

2015Judges' Choice Winner

The Daredevil

Photographer: Ata Adnan
The photo was taken: Chittagong, Bangladesh
Camera used: Nikon Df
Photographer's Comments:
An example of the interaction between humans and architecture.

2015Public's Choice Winner

Valleaceron Chapel

Photographer: David Cabrera
The photo was taken: Castilla y Leon, Spain
Camera used: 5d Mark II
Photographer's Comments:
I can't explain with words the feeling when I was there. It's a very special project and difficult to get access as its private property. Simply beautiful to photograph but even better to have been there. Really grateful.

Metal Petals

Photographer: Iris Posner
The photo was taken: New York, USA
Camera used: Kodak Z730
Photographer's Comments:
A small detail from the construction process of a building.

Round is the Old Square

Photographer: Sheila Unwin
The photo was taken: Copenhagen, Denmark
Camera used: Canon 7D
Photographer's Comments:
The Rundetårn is a 17 Century building still standing today. It was originally built as an observatory and today is a tourist attraction and museum.

My Pod

Photographer: Peter Murrell
The photo was taken: Baker Street station, London
Camera used: Nikon D7000 & Nikon 17-55 2.8
Photographer's Comments:
This reminds me of telephone boxes. Each person making their use of it.

Metal Hand

Photographer: David Bajrai
The photo was taken: Assam, India
Camera used: Canon 700D
Photographer's Comments:
A metal rod is a main component for the process of building. In this picture the man is joining these rods together to make a metal coil.

Half Life

Photographer: Nikola Filipov
The photo was taken: London, UK
Camera used: Nikon D90
Photographer's Comments:
Low angle long exposure shot in London

Mr. Fosters Angle

Photographer: Robert Finch
The photo was taken: London, UK
Camera used: Canon 6D
Photographer's Comments:
I like the juxtaposition of two linear features. The bridge anchors are at a 45-degree angle to the background birch trees standing vertically at Tate Modern.

Beauty is in the details #2

Photographer: Anne Yong
The photo was taken: North Carolina, USA
Camera used: iphone 6 plus
Photographer's Comments:
This photo was taken on site for a project I’m working on that is currently in construction. I find beauty in all aspects and components of Architecture, everything that goes into making a building as well as the finished product. Through photography I try to capture everything that encompasses Architecture in a creative, and innovative way which helps to shed light on the complexity that goes into making a building.

High Voltage

Photographer: Rickie Cheung
The photo was taken: Lions Rock, Hong Kong
Camera used: Canon 5D Mark III
Photographer's Comments:
Power lines provide electricity for our cities and often appear dull and uninteresting from a distance. However, the sheer scale and complexities of these structures are apparent when viewed up close or from below.

Under Pressure

Photographer: Bernabe Della Mattia
The photo was taken: Iceland
Camera used: Nikon D3s
Photographer's Comments:
Amazing example of how nature redefines architecture.


Photographer: Derek Snee
The photo was taken: Northumberland, UK
Camera used: Fujifilm X-E1
Photographer's Comments:
A small ‘pillbox’ – hastily built when Nazi invasion threatened. Today, this stalwart sentinel depends upon the embrace of the dunes of Embleton Bay for protection from the ravages of North Sea storms

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Highly Commended

Some other standout submissions that were amongst the judges’ favourites

Eyes to Pearls

Photographer: Andrew Howe
The photo was taken: London, UK
Camera used: Nikon D5100
Photographer's Comments:
I really loved the abstract nature of the central stairway in this building. I shot this looking straight up towards the roof, I converted the image to mono, to really isolate the attention towards the lines and shapes.

Hundred Years Old house

Photographer: Erkan Kalenderli
The photo was taken: Turkey
Camera used: NIKON D800
Photographer's Comments:
This house is exactly 100 years old, it has been demolished one day after this photograph has been taken, to be replaced with a new modern building, it lost against time. The lady sitting on the couch is 80 years old and has lived her life and childhood in this house, recalling her memories for the last time in this house.

MAXXI Is Alive

Photographer: Forough Ghasemi
The photo was taken: Rome, Italy
Camera used: Canon PowerShot SX120 IS
Photographer's Comments:
MAXXI's hovering elements always have something to say, which makes MAXXI a piece of art.


Photographer: Geoffrey Baker
The photo was taken: New York, USA
Camera used: Fuji X-Pro 1
Photographer's Comments:
Drama via scale and detail. A metal hand rail anchors one to the ground, while soaring latticework leads the eye to the skies above.

Vertical Visions

Photographer: Carlos Ayesta
The photo was taken: Paris, France
Camera used: D800
Photographer's Comments:
The concept of the pictures I propose is a set of unique photographical shots from different heights of the buildings. I use a rope from the top so as to shoot from unexpected and astounding angles. I take pictures of towers, offices and homes, and I am able to capture the people working and living within those spaces Making off:

Ornamental Arches

Photographer: Borna Mirahmadian
The photo was taken: Shiraz, Iran
Camera used: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Photographer's Comments:
Craftsmanship used in creation of this beautifully ornamented building, perfectly fits the Art of Building theme.

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